In order to establish the correct type of starter for your engine application please print out the form below, fill in as much of the form below as possible and return it by fax or post to startwell. Please also send any additional information that you may feel important (e.g. engine drawings, current starter specifications). The more information we have, the easier it will be to find the right solution for you.
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Engine coupling:

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How many starters will be required  

Please fill in the following information based on the above diagrams:

Winding handle angle, A
Mounting hole diameter, Y
Centre distance, W
P.C.R. fixing holes, X
Angle (left or right), B or C
Mounting hole angle, D
Bolt / stud diameter, Z
Startwell mounting face to flywheel face, U
Clearance between mounting flange and engine obstructions, V  
Direction of rotation of engine facing flywheel or
Tooth form of flywheel (module / fellow stub)  
Number of teeth  
P.C.D. (flywheel)  
Tooth form of pinion  
Number of teeth (pinion)  
P.C.D. (pinion)  

Flange type required

SAE 1   SAE 2&3   SAE 4  

Available space for starter- mounting flange to nearest obstruction  


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